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About Seoyeon

Acupuncture Otago's primary health professional is Seoyeon Kim. Seoyeon is a registered acupuncture practitioner in NZ, and also a licensed ACC provider. She has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 20 years in the clinical environment,  and has a wealth of experience with the following conditions: 

Women and Men's Health:

  •  Back, neck and shoulder pain, tennis elbow, arthritis, toothache, sore throats

  • Migraines, sleep disorders, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression

  • Incontinence, bladder conditions

  • IBS, indigestion, bloating, heartburn, reflux and stomach aches

  • Sinusitis, tinnitus, psoriasis, eczema, acne and hair loss

  • High / low blood pressure, diabetes, anemia

  • Anti-ageing and weight management

  • Stroke, facial numbness, sciatica

  • Women's health: Infertility, irregular menstrual period, Pelvic pain, Endometriosis, Menopause

  • Men's health: Impotency, Sperm account lower, Prostatitis

  • Assist breast, Womb and Ovarian, bowel, stomach and prostate cancer

  • Stitch in time saves nine. The early the better and to do something beforehand. 

She is available to listen to and assess your health conditions and provide you with an individualized treatment plan. 

Seoyeon specialised in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 5 years full time and gained a Bachelor of Medicine at Heilongjiang University of TCM in China.

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